We are a global team of space, art and tech aficionados.


Ground Team

We’ve been working since early 2018 to bring EARTHLING to life.

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Felipe Pérez Santiago (MX)
Artistic Director


Jill Tarter (US)
Space & Science Directors 

Charles Lindsay (US)
SETI Artist-in-Residence Director

Development Team

Alejandra Vargas (COSTA RICA/US) - Social Media

David Cueva (MX/US) - Platform Development

Gaby Brenes (COSTA RICA/US) - Social Media

Jordan Dozzi-Perry (USA/CAN) - Film & Photography

Julio Morales (MEX) - Graphic Design

Ola Kowalewski (CAN/USA) - Tech, Impact

Omar Roldán (MX) - Press and Promotion

Paty Carrera (MX) - PR and IP

Rob Baker (US) - System Architect and Developer

Sergio Pastrana (MX) - Marketing and Promotion

Victor Hernández (MX/US) - Platform Development


Partners & Sponsors

None of this would be possible without the generous resources from our partners and sponsors.